St. Andrew's Preschool of Santa Barbara offers a developmentally age appropriate setting that encourages the child's own exploration in discovering the wonder and beauty of God's gifts of creation in the world around us.  Parents are encouraged to value these priceless opportunities of childhood as they, together with Staff, help support and nourish the child's own unique development. 

Our program offers a wide variety of experiences designed to promote the physical, mental, emotional and creative growth of the child.  The spiritual dimension of the child's growth centers on the child's own discovery of the love of God the Father through the gifts of creation.   A variety of curriculum topics are introduced throughout the year.  Art, music, crafts, cooking, carpentery, nature, exploration, and excursions are an integral part of the program.  The child is encouraged to make his/ her own choices, be involved in solving her own problems and helping in acquiring physical, intellectual and social skills.  These attributes leading to a positive self-concept, meet a basic need for creative and constructive living.

Our Pre-K curriculum offers the children the chance to work in small groups, rotating between centers working on important skills such as listening, following directions, and fine motor skills.  The children will also have the opportunity to learn Spanish, and have movement classes. We also take field trips to enrich our curriculum.  Our program is designed for each child to master the basic skills to succeed in Kindergarten and continue to thrive academically and socially.